Cotton Choices™ 1: Price Discount

You can choose an up-front price discount on the technology fees for your selected fields or refuge crops.

The applicable payment date for Cotton Choices™ 1: Price Discount and technology fees are shown below.

Technology fees after discount

Product Price/hectare (ex. GST)  Payment date
Bollgard® 3/Roundup Ready® Flex $390
Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready Flex $370
Bollgard II $315
Roundup Ready Flex $75


  • Price excludes GST.
  • Discount does not apply to Roundup Ready Flex unsprayed cotton refuges over 10% of the Bollgard II area or 5% of the Bollgard 3 area or 10% of the Bollgard 3 area if planted after 1 November (as per trait’s RMP requirements), or sprayed Roundup Ready Flex, as nominated in the planting audit.
  • Late Crop Removal is not available under this offer.