Cotton Choices™ 3: End Point Royalty

You can choose to pay a set End Point Royalty (EPR) per bale after ginning, helping you to manage part of your production risks and cash flow.

The applicable payment date for Cotton Choices™ 3: EPR and technology fees are shown below.

Technology fees

Product Price/bale† (ex. GST) Payment date
Bollgard® 3/Roundup Ready Flex® $52.50 30 days from end of month of invoice^
Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready Flex $50
Bollgard II
Roundup Ready Flex

You have until 15 March 2021 (1st planting window) and 16 April 2021 (2nd planting window) to swap between Cotton Choice 2: LCR and Cotton Choice 3: EPR when you select either of these choices on your planting audit/s for eligible fields.


  •  Prices exclude GST.
  • ^Payment date is 30 days after the end of the month of the invoice date (ie. the date on the invoice given to your TSP).
  • †Standard 227 kg bale of cotton lint.
  • This offer does not apply to Roundup Ready Flex unsprayed cotton refuges over 10% of the Bollgard II planting area or 5% of the Bollgard 3 area or 10% of the Bollgard 3 area if planted after 1 November (as per the trait’s RMP requirements), or sprayed Roundup Ready Flex, as nominated in the planting audit. Bales determined via reconciliation of ginning reports received by Monsanto.